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Nomadic coffee – Nomad Cafe

It is a glorious Edinburgh day. The kind that sings the promise of spring, and lures me into a false sense of warm security. It’s not though… It’s cold… freezing in fact, so the inside of a warm cafe, looking … Continue reading

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Six Cool Cafe’s for Kids

I LOVE eating out during the day… Breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea. Born from travel, this love affair began in beer gardens, progressed to restaurants and cafes and has most recently progressed to ‘cafes with high chairs!’ It was … Continue reading

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Christmas in Aviemore

The day started like millions around the world with the excited pitter patter of little feet. Our world is still in darkness as D runs into our room ‘did he come mummy… did Santa really come here?’ R is still … Continue reading

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An Exercise in Gratitude

It’s the festive season, the holdays, Christmas time, a time to spend with family and friends, looking back, having a laugh and looking ahead. As an ‘expat’ in a foreign land (I know it’s not that foreign being English speaking … Continue reading

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Jetlagged and Hungry

  This place is beautiful…. Rolling hills, eucalyptus trees, sweeping lawns and a 400 year old Spanish villa, complete with grape vines, and a pool on the side of a hill. It really is beautiful. We are here. We haul … Continue reading

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Six Uses for Wee

The word that is! I was walking down the street in Edinburgh and came accross a shop called ‘The Wee Shop‘. (Photo comng soon) A perfectly reasonable name for a shop in Scotland. My Australian humour however, thought it hillarious. … Continue reading

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Stuck At the Airport

We’re in Spain….. after 13 hours to Dubai, another 5 to London, a bus to Stansted, a night in the Hilton and another 2 hours on a budget airline to Spain (not forgetting all the waiting in queues, and passport … Continue reading

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Halloween is over I know but….

….The Jackolantern is still sitting in the window, there are still tiny black plastic spiders all over the house, pictures of pumpkins still adorn the walls and the house gets decorated for halloween everday…..Why?  Well it’s our first time! ….Halloween … Continue reading

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A Grumpy Bus Driver

Getting around town with a buggy, 2 little boys, and all the related paraphenalia can be challenging. Most of the time I walk, it takes longer, but I enjoy the journey as much as anything. Today though, we took the … Continue reading

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A Visit From a Friend

  I was nervous at first………… Walking to meet an old school friend I had only seen once or twice since school finished (About 15 ears ago). All nerves washed quickly away when we started what turned out to be … Continue reading

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