An Exercise in Gratitude

It’s the festive season, the holdays, Christmas time, a time to spend with family and friends, looking back, having a laugh and looking ahead.
As an ‘expat’ in a foreign land (I know it’s not that foreign being English speaking and all… but bear with me it’s all about the rhythm) it can be a time of yearning… for family… old friends …and better weather (when you’re an Aussie in Scotland you do 😉 )
I was having a bit of a ‘moment’ feeling lonely and a little sorry for myself when I realized….. I’m Lucky…..  Not just lucky… absolutely privelidged. So now I say thank you to…

Paper presents under our handmade tree

New Friends

For inviting us to your weddings, parties and for more cups of tea than I can count. For welcoming us into your homes and providing friendship and support (and lots of ‘stuff to loan!!)

Old Friends

For just being there and staying in touch. For not taking it personally that we’ve extended our stay, but still asking regularly enough ‘so when are you coming home?’ (You could’ve stopped having fun completely, stopped acheiving milestones and just waited for us…. but then we’d have nothing to talk about when we do get home) And for the most precious gifts, hand written letters and photos of the kids.

Family far Away

For still being as helpful and ‘there for us’ as you possibly can from the other side of the world. For the letters and parcels in the post. For the hour long skype calls even though It’s really late. For  making sure the insurance company coughed up when the shed burnt down! And for everthing else too.

Family here

For being my biggest joy, and my biggest challenge. For seeing the best and worst of me and loving me anyway. Simply for being you.


For the experience. Because we are here my boys have played under the sprinkler in the backyard (no longer allowed in Melbourne). For the challenges, and rewards they have offered. For the opportunities… I certainly wouldn’t be a budding blogger on expat life, had we never left!!  For the glorious spring days, and the bitterly cold winter mornings, orange leaves in Autumn and the summer of festivals.

There are so many things!!

When you really start thinking about it, if you have a family, home, food (and an internet connection) you’re pretty wealthy in the whole scheme of things…

Life is good

What are you thankful for?

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