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An Exercise in Gratitude

It’s the festive season, the holdays, Christmas time, a time to spend with family and friends, looking back, having a laugh and looking ahead. As an ‘expat’ in a foreign land (I know it’s not that foreign being English speaking … Continue reading

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A Visit From a Friend

  I was nervous at first………… Walking to meet an old school friend I had only seen once or twice since school finished (About 15 ears ago). All nerves washed quickly away when we started what turned out to be … Continue reading

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Don’t Cry Over The Broken Eggs

Got caught in the rain today… You’re probably wondering what that has to do with eggs… It’s all part of the story. You see I took the kids shopping today, not the best idea, but the family’s got to eat. … Continue reading

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Midnight Snacks at The Hilton

…. Mummy I’m Hungry…. Through my fuzzy 4am jet lagged brain I hear it again… I’m HUNGRY mummy. Daniel fell asleep on the bus from Heathrow to Stansted, not so late in the afternoon. Did not wake up through two … Continue reading

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A Day In Our Lives

I am woken for the first time around 5.30 am by Brendan’s alarm, and kept awake by him clambering over me (he sleeps on the wall side) to get ready for his work day. He generally sneaks out around 6 … Continue reading

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