Meet Me

Whether you call it reckless abandon or simply going with the flow, making life decisions based on what the heart says and not worrying too much about the ‘how’ is pretty much how I have always lived. I started my traveling life at 19 when I left Melbourne and headed North to Darwin. This was the beginning of many years spent traveling and working around Australia. My longest stretch in a single region was spent in the Snowy Mountains, NSW. This long stretch included 2 winter seasons followed by 3 full years!


It was during this time, I met and fell for my best friend, who has since become my husband. Together we left our mountain home to embark on a trip around Australia, which ended up lasting 3 years. There are many stories from both my solo, and our collective travels, but they are for another time and blog!

Back in Melbourne in late 2002, we began to settle. I studied, Brendan had an excellent job, we married, had our babies, made some wonderful friends, I achieved a ‘career’ for the first time and we bought our first home. I honestly believed our traveling days were over! Family vacations were the travel of our future!

During one of those family vacations (to Darwin… Of course) a family wedding was announced. Around the very table where we celebrated our engagement, my cousin ever so casually said “We’ve decided we’re going to get married….. In Spain!”

Mijas, Spain.

For the next 12 months we saved and planned for a five week tour of Europe. Then, after a series of small conversations, a big decision was made.

Our five week holiday had just become a year long working holiday in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle

At that point I stopped ‘planning’ our itinerary, and on Sep 14th 2008, with a 3 year old and a 9 month old, we boarded our plane.

‘The Accidental Expats’ has emerged from the idea of sharing the story of how we as a family have ‘accidently’ gone from living in an outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia to a flat in central Edinburgh, Scotland.

Inside you will find our life, adventures, ideas and reviews.  Eating out, coffee spots, places to play and, well, anything else that takes my fancy!