Jetlagged and Hungry


This place is beautiful….
Rolling hills, eucalyptus trees, sweeping lawns and a 400 year old Spanish villa, complete with grape vines, and a pool on the side of a hill.
It really is beautiful.
We are here.
We haul our luggage once more to our room, a massive suite (we didn’t know quite how massive as this was our first European accommodation) complete with ensuite and view across the valley.
The long haul is finally over (for now) and we can relax.
The day is spent catching up with old friends and family, exploring, and sitting around the patio drinking a little (well maybe more than a little for some). The weather is warm.

The Venue is Casa Grande do Bachao, and the event is a family wedding.

The afternoon wears on, and no one really thinks about food… some bread, ham, and crisps get passed around, but nothing too substantial… thats OK, it should be dinner time soon…. shouldn’t it?

We’re in Spain now… Dinner is served at 9 o’clock (ish)

Oh no it was dark this morning when we had room service breakfast at our hotel (was that this morning?) and the kids are hungry thirsty TIRED! From dusk onwards, its all a bit of a blur, a haze of jetlag and wine and waiting for dinner. The boys go to bed, they just can’t make it (looking forward to another midnight snack) they’ve had a massive few days.

I vaguely remember roast meat and potatoes, and there was cheese there too. What I do remember is the fact that it was exquisite… perfection… and definitely worth the wait. There are also vague recollcections of conversations…but I just wasn’t up to it. My head growing very heavy I shuffle to my bed.

Nighty night 😉


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