Nomadic coffee – Nomad Cafe

It is a glorious Edinburgh day. The kind that sings the promise of spring, and lures me into a false sense of warm security. It’s not though… It’s cold… freezing in fact, so the inside of a warm cafe, looking out on the bright shiny sunshine is the perfect place to be.

Nomad Cafe, situated on the corner of Haymarket Terrace and Roseberry Crescent took me by surprise, appearing from the recently emptied shell of a clothing shop, one day it wasn’t there, and then it was. It looks great, rustic and charming, and being quite small, feels easily full and comfortably atmospheric. We perch on (very comfortable) bar stools, at a beautiful timber counter, overlooking Haymarket Terrace. Admittedly not the most scenic view, but good for people watching. Like most cafe’s, ordering takes place at the till, giving me the perfect chance to ogle over the piles of pastries and paninis on offer. They then deliver your order to your table.

I can’t comment on the food, as we were just in for coffee, which was lovely, and just the right temperature for me.

A lovely spot for a relaxed coffee, I could have sat there all day (and I plan to go back to check out the food!).

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