A Visit From a Friend


I was nervous at first………… Walking to meet an old school friend I had only seen once or twice since school finished (About 15 ears ago). All nerves washed quickly away when we started what turned out to be a fabulous day of touristy fun and non stop catching up.

I dragged the boys along for lunch at the Filling Station (actually I couldn’t have kept them away if I’d tried) along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, and then they left us too it, to explore the depths of Edinburgh’s underground in The Real Mary King’s Close. We had a small wait for the tour to start so we strolled down to The Elephant House to check out the birth place of Harry Potter, and then walked to the top of ‘The Mile’ to the gates of Edinburgh Castle…… Then back for our tour……….. Back into the daylight (notice I didn’t say sunshine!) we headed off to visit ‘Bobby’ (Greyfriars Bobby), Edinburgh’s most famos dog and Master D’s favourite place in Edinburgh, and then into Greyfriars Churchard where Bobby and his master are both buried.

It just so happened that the church itself was open, so we wandered inside for a look (meanwhile B called to say Baby R has jumped in puddles, so they’re all going home before he gets too cold.). This meant a rare child free afternoon for me!!! Completely randomly the volunteer at the church that day was also the organ player, so we were treated to some live tunes on the 3500 tube organ! It was truly magnificent. As my friend said, it is random moments like these that make your holiday really special.

Back to her hotel room for a cuppa, some teacakes and a long chat about traveling, and old friends. What a fab day.

Another Aussie I know who is also ‘accidentally’ here asked if it seeing a friend from home made me feel homesick. I can’t say it did at all.

It was lovely to spend the day with a friend I had more than one year of history with, sharing a similar humour, and an understanding that comes from growing up in the same place. It didn’t make me miss home though, instead I started seeing Edinburgh again with ‘tourist eyes’ remembering how beautiful the city is, and just how much there is to do. I felt more excited about where I am rather than sad about where I’m not.

Have you run into an old friend in a far off place?

What random events have ‘made’ your trip?

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