High Tea at the Sheraton Grand

The Boys Favourite Part!

The Boys Favourite Part!

I recently had another birthday (not telling which one) and as a gift, my husband took me out for “tea” to the Sheraton Grand.

We arrived with time to spare so the boys played amongst the giant stone balls out the front. There is still an awesome buzz in the city even though The Festival is winding down for another year.

The large and lavish foyer is perfect for a little galavanting, which is partly why we chose this location. Comfortable chairs surrounding little tables create cozy corners from which to enjoy our tea. The atmosphere is very charming

We plonked down at the first table we came to, unloaded our shopping and tried to settle in. By this stage the kids were getting a little agitated, being tired and hungry, so “settling in” was challenging.

The first two waiters were friendly…..  but also busy….. and were very little help. The fact that we were still too early for tea meant they couldn’t do much for us anyway.

The third waiter then informed us we needed to move, as children weren’t allowed near the bar…. silently pulling my hair out we re-loaded our shopping and found a new table.

Armed with menu’s, a lovely white table setting, a high chair (sigh) and a smile, this woman turned my experience around.

IMG_2871First came the Tea, drinks for the children and a few biscuits to tide them (us) over.

Master D was particularly taken with the miniature jars of jam that arrived next, and of course the grand finale was the cake stand filled with delicious looking treats. YUM

Baby R is well entertained by the ice in his glass and isn’t too interested in the food (yet)  but  Master D is closing in fast.  Not interested in the savories at all, he heads straight for the scones so he can use the little jams!

From the four types of afternoon tea available, we chose the ‘Seasonal Shades of Summer’, which was exquisite.

We had:


  • Pastrami, salmon and pickled cucumber on a beetroot roll (yes the bread was pink and to die for)
  • Heirloom tomato with Arran mustard cream on cheese and tomato bread (this was my favorite)
  • Roast beef with water cress and spinach on a crispy rye cracker (Yum)
  • Plum tomato mouse with asparagus and white mini roll (beautiful)


  • Blackcurrant, carrot, and saffron scones served with Devonshire clotted cream and those mini jams


  • Cherry liquor butter cream slice (very sweet)
  • Strawberry tartlet
  • Banana cake
  • Summer fruit and basil jelly (strangely this worked beautifully and was a perfect palate cleanser)
  • Wee ‘shot’ glasses of mango and passion fruit smoothie

The Big Question

To take the kids or not to take the kids?

Honestly…..? They would have had more fun having a picnic in the park or even (especially?) going to maccas.

I definitely enjoyed myself, however I would have relaxed more if I’d taken my friend up on her offer to baby sit for the day!


  • Served daily from 2.30-5.30 pm at “The Exchange’ in the foyer of the Sheraton Grand Hotel (1 Festival Square · Edinburgh EH3 9SR · United Kingdom · Phone: (44)(131) 229 9131)
  • 16.95 per person
  • Not all teas are created equal so you may find a variation in the menu and the prices

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