A Day In Our Lives

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I am woken for the first time around 5.30 am by Brendan’s alarm, and kept awake by him clambering over me (he sleeps on the wall side) to get ready for his work day. He generally sneaks out around 6 am, and if Baby R doesn’t wake with the sound of the front (only) door clicking shut I can get another blissful half an hour or even a whole hours of sleep.

I am woken for the second time much more abruptly, torn from my slumber by loud, very cranky screaming that loosely translates as “FEED ME NOW”. I unzip his bed (the baby’s bed is a tent/ travel cot) scoop him out and make my bleary eyed journey to the kitchen. As long as we haven’t run out of any key ingredients, weetbix, honey and milk are the order most days. I prepare it (along with my morning coffee) amidst constant noisy complaints. An inhalation generally commences. Around 7am baby is fed, happy, and telling me its bath time now. (I use the term bath loosely as it is actually a bucket in the shower recess!)

Master D has woken up by now, hopefully not too moody, and eats his “breaky” at a far more leisurely pace (with the noisy complaints of “hurry up” coming from me)

By 8.30 am we are all fed, bathed, dressed, brushed and out the door to Nursery. I’m just about to open the door and I realize its raining…. you know… Scottish RAIN. Trainers are exchanged for “wellies” and rain coats dug out (it is still summer) and off we go again.

Thirty minutes to Nursery.

I wonder what winter will be like and I feel for the workers in the food van selling hot food to cold pedestrians.

On a nice day the walk is broken by the need to save the snails from ‘death by squashing’. Each one is gently picked up and placed in the cracks of the large bluestone wall flanking the footpath.

We arrive and huddle with the other parents and children under the small shelter waiting to be ‘let in’ and discuss the weather (a favoured pastime over here). The kids don’t care, they’re just having fun playing with their umbrellas.

2.5 hours till pick up….. Time to take the baby to play group. A couple of relaxing hours sitting round, talking, watching the little ones play. Who is play group for exactly….?

On other days I could go home and do housework but as my health nurse told me, that is a complete waste of time, so I opt for taking myself out for coffee instead. (if the baby falls asleep I can also fit in a read :D)

Pick up time often involves the receipt of handmade gifts or art work and often a bag of drenched clothes from the indoor water play! He might have stayed drier outside.

We visit a friend for the afternoon. There’s nothing like someone else’s house and toys to keep the boys amused. At home I’d be finding toys in the toilet, Baby R raiding the fridge and Master D complaining about…. well anything he can think of.

Here they just play. The Baby R even crawls up on my lap and quietly falls asleep…. ooohhh 😉

After some superb hours company, and a semi difficult extraction we wander home. Both the boys fall asleep on the way, and Brendan and I spend a peaceful half hour chatting outside the building before either wakes.

Upstairs in time for dinner and bed time.

My mummy day is over and now my ‘work’ day can begin

After a quick tidy, and a cuppa I sit down to my computer and……..

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